Petra Rodriguez

Broker Associate

Hablo Español

My name is Petra Rodriguez, I’ve been in Real Estate, for 26 years.

I’m a Real Estate Broker, and I work with Buyers and Sellers, I like helping my clients as much help as they need, to buy or cell, their properties.

Clients, depend on us, so I try not to disappoint them, I have patience, I think this is very important tool to have! PATIENCE! And understand their needs, when selling or buying a property.

Advises are important too! To buyers when showing properties things, that buyers, overlook, but I can see, the disadvantages for my client, I explain to them a different aspects of the home.

Sellers, I always advice them, on what different thing to do in their homes, to improve their property and present it better, before it is in the market.


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  • Mobile : 773-972-3327

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